What is Python language

Python Basics Part-1: What is Python language

What is Python?

About Python

Python Details

Python is a powerful high-level object-oriented and dynamic computer programming language. It was first designed by Dutch programmer Guido van Rossum in 1980 and first published in February 1991.

Originally from the late 1980s when Guido van Rossum was working with the Amoeba Distributed Operating Systems Group. Then he wanted to use an interpreted language like ABC (Note: ABC is a computer language whose syntax is very simple and understandable) which can access amoeba system calls. So he decided to create a new language that would be extensible. A new language started based on it and later it was named Python.

Python language’s structure style is unique as well as its expressiveness. This wonderful language is now used everywhere – web, desktop, mobile, systems administration, scientific computing or machine learning. And so the Python programming language has won the hearts of many computer programmers and software developers.

Why the name Python?

Guido van Rossum was originally a fan of the BBC comedy series “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” in the late seventies. And keeping in tune with it, he named it Python.

What can be done with Python Programming Language?

If you want to work with data science, Big Data, Blockchain and machine learning, above all artificial intelligence, which is the basis of today’s and future technologies, Python can undoubtedly be your first choice platform. Because, machine learning libraries like scikit-learn, data frame libraries like Pandas, calculation libraries like Numpy which are unique in one word – these are there for Python.

To be more specific, you can do web application development very easily through frameworks like Django, Flask, Tornado etc. based on Python.

Again, for desktop or graphical user interface rich software development, there are tools like PyQT or packages like Tkinter based on the Python language. There are also libraries like Kivy.

And if you want to do game development, there is PyGame for you.

If you want to work with the Internet of Things (IoT), then the raspberrypi, or RPi.GPIO, is for you. Hardware platforms like

Various sites like Mozilla, Reddit, Instagram, PBS, Dropbox, Google Search Engine etc. web applications written in Python.

What do I need to know before learning Python?

Before learning Python, you need to know what computer programming is? What is the web? What is the internet? Should have knowledge of database, and MySQL etc. Apart from that if you know HTML, CSS you will enjoy learning Python.

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