w3programmers - PHP Basic Part-1: What is PHP?

PHP Basic Part-1: What is PHP?

PHP Basic

PHP Basic Part-1: What is PHP ?

PHP is a server-side scripting language, that allows you to create software such as this cannabis delivery software which was created by Rasmuss Lourdorf in 1994. Which is used for specially developing dynamic and interactive web development or web base software application development. Now it is saying General Purpose Programming Language. That is to say, everything that can be done with other programming languages, all of them can be done with PHP. This is most popular language for web programmers because of PHP open source programming language. However, it is largely used to create web development, web-based software and web-based applications. Apart from that, PHP provides the highest security for saving the information on the web, you can learn more here. PHP can also be used with HTML . Several advanced open source content management systems (CMS) including WordPress, Joomla, are created by PHP. Creating custom content management systems can be done using PHP. Besides, PHP is widely used in creating e-commerce, management, online banking software. PHP is one of the most popular language, according to the data of w3techs, 82% of the web sites in the world, using server side scripting language in PHP. Currently, 90% of the freelancers of Bangladesh (ie those who work in Bangladesh as internationally) work in PHP.

PHP Before learning, I know something about importance ?

learning PHP   Before you Computer Programming what’s the matter? What is the web? & Nbsp; What is Internet ? Databases , and MySQL should have an idea on it. HTML , CSS Knowing you will enjoy learning PHP.

What kind of computer do you need for learning PHP? Need to do any software installation?

The latest operating systems include windows-7, windows-8, windows-10, or those working in Linux such as: ubuntu-15, ubuntu-16 & nbsp; Any computer that supports it will run.

And You need to install the three type of software:

1. Server software such as: XAMPP , WAMP , EasyPHP and more. All of these software are free and open source. And these software is essentially for web development environments that need all.

2. Code writing software such as: SublimeText , Notepad ++, NetBeans , Aptana , Eclipse   Etc .. & nbsp; All of these software are free and open source.

3.   And any other browser to view output such as: Mozilla Firefox , Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and so on. Those who use Windows OS & nbsp; They can continue to work with the Edge browser.

I installed the server software XAMPP. What I need to do now to write the first PHP code?

First you need to turn on Apache and MySQL services in your XAMPP server’s control panel. After the launch, be careful not to work if the two services are green, yellow or red. Note the following:

xampp status

xampp folder structure

Now   Enter the following codes:

This time your code editor   Enter the following codes:

first php code in editor

Go to your browser this time and enter http: //localhost/test/hello.php and follow it in the following picture:

first php output

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