What is Laravel Framework

PHP Laravel Framework Basics Part-1: What is Laravel Framework?

What is PHP Laravel Framework? To understand that, we must first know what PHP is And what is a Framework?

What is PHP?

What is PHP

What is PHP

PHP is a server-side scripting language created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. Which is specially used for any dynamic and interactive web development or for creating web-based software and web-based applications. Today it is also called General Purpose Programming Language. That is, almost everything that can be done with other programming languages ​​can be done with PHP. Besides, PHP is more popular among web programmers as it is open source. But basically, it is mostly used for web development, creating web-based software, and web-based applications. Besides, PHP provides maximum security in storing data on the web. PHP can also be used with HTML. Several advanced open source content management systems (CMS), including WordPress, and Joomla, are built on PHP. Custom content management systems can be created using PHP. Apart from this, PHP is widely used in the development of e-commerce, management, online banking software, etc. PHP is a very popular language, according to w3techs data, 82 percent of all websites in the world use PHP for server-side scripting. To work in the PHP framework, it is necessary to have a very good understanding of PHP Object Oriented Programming.

What is Framework

What is Framework

What is Framework

Let’s say, you are a building construction engineer and you are given to construct a building. Now you are given two options:

First, you are given a plot, the architectural design of the building, and the amount of money needed to construct the building and are told to construct a building. But you are not given any building materials such as bricks, sand, cement, rods, mixers, labor, and all other tools, all of which you have to collect or make and use for building.

Secondly, you are given the plot of the building, architectural design of the building, building materials like bricks, sand, cement, rods, mixers, labor and all other tools, now you just have to use them to construct the building. . Which would be a better option for you as an engineer?

Definitely the second one. Although the first one is doable, the biggest problem is that you will need a lot of time here. Which will increase both building time and cost.

In this case, the second option is better. Because here everything is ready in advance and it will reduce both the time and cost of your building.

Framework is like our second option, where everything is ready for web development, application development and software development and you just need to know how to use it. And it will reduce both the time and cost of your web development, application development, and software development. In another way, the framework is a collection of ready-made classes and interfaces through which we can do various types of web development, application development, and software development very easily and in less time.

What is PHP Laravel Framework

PHP Laravel Framework

PHP Laravel Framework

Knowing about PHP and Framework, let’s know what Laravel Framework is? Laravel is currently the most powerful and popular PHP framework. Laravel Framework is an Opensource Secure PHP MVC Web Framework designed for developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to build full-featured web applications. Simply put, it’s a web framework that provides a structure and starting point for building your applications, making it easy for you to create great things. It quickly became popular among PHP web programmers around the world for its outstanding features. Taylor Otwell first developed Laravel in 2011.

Laravel Framework strives to provide an unprecedented experience to a developer and provides powerful features such as dependency injection, database abstraction layer, queues, scheduled jobs, unit testing, integration testing, and much more.

Whether you are new or experienced in PHP or any of its web frameworks, Laravel is a web framework that grows with you and will help you take your first steps as a web developer or take your skills to the next level. Laravel will help

What to know before learning PHP Laravel Framework?

Before starting learning PHP Laravel Framework, you must know the following things:

  • PHP
  • Object Oriented Concepts and
  • A clear understanding of MVC structure.
  • Composer must be installed to manage dependencies of Laravel Framework.

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