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Hello World Tutorial within a minute in Fat-Free Framework


Fat-Free :: A powerful yet easy-to-use PHP micro-framework designed to help you build dynamic and robust Web applications – fast!

Fat-Free also fondly called as F3.

Goal of this post is to create a simple “Hello World” web application within a minute step by step. Here i am guessing that we have a running Web server with PHP 5.3 or a later release.

Step 1 ) First of all download Fat-Free from https://github.com/bcosca/fatfree.

Step 2 ) Move all directories and file of Fat-Free Framework in your app directory, my app directory name is “helloworld”.

fat free hello world turorial

After move Fat Free to our new directory “helloworld”, it will contain directories and files like above screen.

Step 3 ) Open index.php file with any your text editor. and replace all lines with below few lines.

$f3 = require('lib/base.php'); $f3->route('GET /',
	function() {
		echo 'Hello, World!';


Save this change.

Step 4) Now browse it by http://localhost/helloworld/, this will output like below.

fat free hello world turorial

How fast, is not it!

Hello World Tutorial within a minute in Fat-Free Framework

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